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Year Topic Subtopic
2018 SPIRITUALITY, Healing Presence in an Abandoned Society Spiritual Care and Training
Spiritual Care and Practice
Healing our Society Through Spiritual Care
Spiritual Care and Tools : Compassionate Care
Spiritual Care and Tools : Effects of Holy Name meditation on spiritual well-being, anxiety and depression in cancer patients
2016 Global Perspectives in Spiritual Care WHO Approach to Strengthening Palliative Care & the Importance of Spirituality
Policies and Directions for the Development of Hospice and Palliative Care
Integrating Spiritual Care into Palliative Care: A Whole Person Model of Care / GWish Templeton Reflection Rounds: Fostering Medical Students Inner Development as Part of Professional Formation
A Theology for Wholeness: Its Religious Implication for Spiritual Care
2014 Spirituality : Compassion & Healing Compassionate Touch of Healing : A Christian theological reflection
Global initiative and standards for spiritual care
Effects of compassionate care for cancer patients
2011 Spiritual Leadership : Leading Changes in the Workplace Spiritual Leadership : Organizational mission
Spiritual Care: Humane and Theological Meaning
Effects of Spiritual Care Leadership Program : The experience of spiritual growth in hospital middle manager nurses
Effects of Spiritual Care Leadership Program : Effects of a spiritually based training program on the spiritual and psychosocial well-being of preceptor nurses
Spiritual Leadership in Nursing
Self care as component of Spiritual leadership
Multidisciplinary Communication Documenting Spiritual Care
2010 Strategies for Future Development of Hospice/Palliative Care in Korea Current status and prospect of hospice/palliative care
In-patient hospice
Home/independent hospice institutions
Hospice/palliative care education for physicians
Hospice/palliative care education for nurses
Hospice/palliative care standard education for the professionals
Research of hospice/palliative care nursing
Research of hospice/palliative care medicine
2009 Spiritual Care: Promoting Healing Environments Spiritual Care: An Interdisciplinary Model of Care
Spiritual Care: Humane and Theological Meaning
Spiritual Care Study: Development of Spiritual Needs Scale
The Effect of Spiritual Care Leadership Program
Promoting Healing Environments through Spiritual Care for Healthcare Professionals and Patients
2007 Ethical Issues in Nursing Care at the End of Life What is a good death ?
End of Life Issues in Nursing Care
Peaceful Dying
Humane and sociological considerations
Informed consent
Development and application of direction and guide for DNR
2005 10th Anniversary Academic Seminar
- Strategies for globalization of hospice/palliative care in Korea
Roles and directions of the institution as a WHO Collaborating Centre in Korea
Activities of Hospice/Palliative Care Education Research Institution/WHO Collaborating Centre
Policies and systematization of hospice/palliative care in Korea
Outlook on the korean society for hospice/palliative care
Mission and role of Catholic hospice/palliative care
Strategies for specialization of hospice/palliative care nursing
Strategies for the development of Advanced Hospice/Palliative Care Education Program
2003 CareGiving and Spirituality Spirituality of the caregivers
Essence and spirituality of nursing
Buddhist view on spirituality of caregiving
Spiritual care for the hospice/palliative care recipients
Christian view on spirituality of caregiving
Catholic view on spirituality of caregiving
2002 Child Hospice: Theory and Practice Treatment for Children with Cancer in Korea
Development of Hospice Care for Children
A Parent's Experience of the Terminally-Ill Child
Hospice Care for Child
Practice of Hospice Care for Child
Emotional and Social Support for Dying Child and Family Members
Hospice Care in America
Activities of Childhood Cancer Foundation of the ROC
Spiritual care of children and their families