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To develop knowledge and practice on hospice and palliative care and cultivate research capacity as well as promote and expand the role of the Research Institute for Hospice/Palliative Care as a WHO Collaborating Centre

Study Area:

Science of Nursing, Medicine, Social Welfare, Religion and Theology, Pharmacology, Nutrition, Psychology, Physical Therapy, and other areas of study related to hospice and palliative care

Year Researcher Research Title
2004 Lee, O. K. The Attitude of the Bereaved Family Attending a Bereavement Memorial Service
2004 Education Research Institute for Hospice/Palliative Care A Study on Developing a Korean-type Model of Self-regulatory Body in Nursing
2003 Kang, G. A. Needs Assessment of Family of Children Patients with Terminal cancer for Child Hospice care
2003 Park, H. R. Needs Assessment for Child Hospice care - As the Subject of Parents and Children
2003 Yoo, Y. S. Stress and Social Support of Bereaved Family
2003 Lee, E. J. Study on Quality of Life and Burden of Home-based Hospice Patients’ Family
2003 Choi, Y. S. Effects of Aromatherapy on Pain and Symptom Control of Hospice Cancer Patients
2003 Choi, E. S. Study on the Burden of Hospice Volunteers and It’s Related Factors
2002 Kim, N. C. Development of Cyber Continuing Education in Hospice & Palliative care Nursing
2002 Park, M. H. Oral Condition, Problem and Discomfort of Terminal Cancer Patients